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With a background in management consulting and investment banking, David’s experience spans three decades in the fields of professional advisory services, investment banking, portfolio management, operations and strategy, internet start-up, success-coaching, behavioural profiling and executive mentoring. He has a proven track-record of team building and international management, having led teams of investment bankers and equity analysts across 5 countries.

Now, David is drawing on his significant experience and unique personal insight to help others through transformational coaching and executive mentoring on such matters as: 3D Leadership, core values, human needs psychology, strategies for wealth creation, career transition, leadership, SPIN selling, behavioural profiling, smarter goal-setting, emotional intelligence and how to live a more fulfilling, purpose driven life.

David is a former owner and board member of Wood & Company s.r.o., a European investment house, co-founder and board-member of, a global database manager, and is the founder of, a Sydney based coaching business.


Bachelor of Business (University of Technology, Sydney), Certified Financial Planner (Financial Services Institute of Australia), Certified Life Coach (The Coaching Institiute), Accredited Extended DISC Consultant, Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Australian Board of NLP).


"David exhibits patience and understanding while helping you consider the full range of options and outcomes in a given situation."
David Gubbay, Houston, Texas, USA

"He helped me to believe more in myself and that the change comes from me and nobody else. David is somebody you feel you can trust and open up to and is very confident and firm as a coach, but never overbearing."
Ljiljana Lepojevic, Sydney, Australia

"I worked with David during a professionally difficult time in my career to clarify where I want to go and how to get there. He provided a positive structure for me as I worked through my particular challenges. I very much value the balance he is able to achieve between warm support and firm accountability."
Zuzana Klain, Prague, Czech Republic