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Najla Ammouri


Internationally trained Mindfulness Coach, Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and NLP Practitioner, Najla brings considerable international experience to the SQ side of the 3D Leadership model. With over 13 years of transformational experience across three continents and currently living between Washington DC, Sydney and Saigon, Najla has a burning desire to empower people to find their true purpose and become whole. Enlightened by an epiphany when walking to her son's hospital bed seven months after he had suffered inoperable brain damage, Najla felt an overwhelming need to accept, a need to stop complaining and wondering "why me?" This proved to be a turning point in her life. She discovered the state of bliss that is felt when we are present, open and ready to accept. Now through the 3D Leadership structure, Najla is able to share the techniques for achieving this incredible uplifting spirit and help others reach deep into their soul and discover the leader within.