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Authentic Leadership

“People don’t follow your technique. They follow you – your message and your embodiment of that message. Finding your own voice is absolutely critical to becoming an authentic leader” Kouzes and Prosner We lead from the essence of who and what we are. Knowing ourselves is as crucial to leadership as knowing our people and knowing our organizations. The best leadership cannot be reduced to technique. It arises from our identity and integrity and appears in authentic leadership behaviors and action. For good leaders, doing and being work together in a dynamic relationship. However, the being part has to come first. We have to uncover the leader within. Who and what you are as leader powerfully influences behaviors that impact others and the organization. Doing without being results in inauthenticity, which can be felt by those around us. It can also trap us in frantic, harried activity, preprogrammed behaviors, and being burnout. On the other hand, being without doing leads to passivity, escapism, and delusion. We need to hold the creative tension between the two: to heighten our consciousness, being mindful of our inner thoughts and feelings as well as outer people events. Where these inner and outer worlds meet, in the present moment, is our point of power as leaders. For your customized ‘Authentic Leadership’ workshop contact Claudette Clausen on

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