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Extended DISC Behavioral Assessments Workshops

Extended DISC assessments are based on concepts of human behavior that are widely accepted around the world, and provide a roadmap of the behavioral characteristics that impact on our work, our judgments and interactions with other people. Extended DISC recognizes 160 different behavioral styles and can generate over 228 million different text pages. The system is independently validated, is available in over 50 languages and used in many countries by some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. Key analysis and assessment tools in the Extended DISC include Personal Analysis, Work Pair Analysis, and Team Analysis and the open 360 degree feedback. Understanding more about your own behavior provides you with the tools to be more effective. Once you know where your natural behaviors lie you can complement your team with different styles and value those already different to you. You can learn how to adjust your behavior to suit those in your team or your clients to have greater positive rapport and influence. This workshop is specifically designed for managers, team members, business owners and individuals seeking to be more effective in their communication. Communications is an important part of any relationship, whether it is in a team, in a workplace or personal life. The purpose of this workshop is to develop practical action plans to improve effectiveness as communicators in life or business. In this workshop you will learn a model that will help you understand different styles and, therefore, ultimately improve you to understand how you are different and how you an more effectively interact with different styles and, therefore, ultimately improve your performance. Get your Extended DISC profile now to better:

  • Understand your own communication style and get to see yourself as others do.
  • Understand other people’s communication styles so you know how to communicate and connect with them.
  • Use language and behavior to your advantage.
  • Influence and Lead people.
  • Maximize harmony, minimize conflict, and increase productivity in your team.
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