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Claudette Clausen- an exceptional leader

Claudette is an outstanding leader of vision, with deep career strengths and track record in professional coaching, communications and marketing. She has worked successfully within the public sector, not for profits and private enterprise. She is now an entrepreneur now, presenting programs to youth, business and community leaders in Australia, in Mauritius and globally.

I have worked with Claudette for almost 15 years across a number of her roles, and have always found to her to be a consummate professional – intelligent and insightful. She is a strategic thinker who approaches her work with passion and flair. She is strongly customer focussed and ensures that those who participate in her programs experience excellence.

Claudette is highly educated, and places a high value on her continuing professional education and development. Hence she is able to create and deliver leadership and coaching programs utilising most up to date international thinking and proven, leading edge techniques.

She is multi lingual. Her warm and extroverted personality makes it a pleasure to work with her.

Claudette will continue to make a difference, and to make a substantial impact on current and future leaders.

Yvonne Howie

The CEO Institute Australia

“Claudette is one of the most astute business communicators I know. She always sees the ‘bigger picture’ and enables people to become enthused and inspired for better and greater things within themselves. She’s a natural networker and anyone who has an interaction with her comes out of the conversation a richer person. Claudette has a sincere and authentic approach to all business opportunities and her clients always benefit greatly from her input and capacity for output. She brings to all projects the secret ingredient that makes synergy happen. With Claudette 1+1=5.”

Rolene Liebenberg, Director, CSC Coaching and Sales Consultancy

“Claudette is an expert coach and trainer, who brings to her clients life skills and an impressive depth and breadth of professional expertise; and track record from her senior career in business and the public sector in communications. She has excellent rapport with her clients. Those looking to continue their personal and business development and leadership skills will benefit from working with Claudette.” October 21, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Yvonne Howie, CEO Institute of Australia hired Claudette as a Career Coach in 2008, and hired Claudette more than once

“Claudette’s strong strategic capabilities in communications are complimented by her high degree of emotional intelligence, and excellent project management capabilities. A genuine pleasure to work with such an inspiring professional woman.”

Donna Meredith, Managing Director, Keystone Corporate Positioning

“I supported Claudette on the development and facilitation of a youth leadership workshop for Year 10 students in 2009. Claudette is passionate about, and committed to, helping young people to find the ‘leader within’. She is a qualified coach who combines knowledge, coaching experience and personal life experience with passion to deliver leadership programs which reach to the heart and spirit of participants.”

Michelle Ockers, Managing Director, Practical Learning

Programmes & Services

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Authentic Leadership
  • The Leader as a Coach
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership in Marketing and Sales
  • Youth as Leaders
  • Extended DISC Behavioral Assessments workshop