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Therese Rahme


With an educational background in Psychology, Life-Coaching, and Neuro Linguistic Programming, Therese specialises in helping people through times of shift and change in their personal and professional lives to align their mind and body so that they are able to transform uncertainty and confusion into direction, clarity and a passion for life. Her Speciality is Women’s Empowerment, Parenting and Youth Leadership. After completing her degree, Therese devoted her attention to extensive research on gifted children’s education, building self-esteem, motivation and youth leadership skills. Therese has a profound understanding and compassion for mothers undergoing the transition back to the workplace, and a sound knowledge of the challenges that parents are confronted with as their children shift from adolescence to teenagers and beyond.


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (University of Sydney); Cert IV Life Coaching (The Coaching Institute, Australia); NLP Practitioner (Australian Board of NLP).